Stryker ICU Beds refurbished

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Stryker beds for the critical and intensive care of a patient are highly efficient, in case the bed is refurbished it works as the new one. The most attractive feature of such beds is that no one can predict the age of the item because of the best in class view or good looks of the medical equipment. Stryker offers these beds in world-class quality and genuine medica is among the most trustworthy and prominent suppliers of refurbished Stryker ICU beds. The beds are generated by such high-grade material that it is compliant with all the required things for the intensive care unit of a patient. The beds are well-acknowledged and appreciated by the various hospitals because of their international quality standards too.

Genuine medica is providing these Stryker refurbished ICU beds with different needs of the patients which are available in manual, mechanical and electronic intensive care beds. These can be avail with the sturdy construction, best and smooth finishing and highly efficient in maintenance. The system optimizes the efforts in the transportation of patients of critical care provides an ergonomic posture that would be more comfortable for the patient as they are well known for the functionality and Stryker’s product to have the best in class result in the arena. The refurbish bed can be offered as per the needs of the client whether motorized or manual. The motorized ICU beds of Stryker are considered best in the medical industry due to their specific features, the customizability, great appearance, sophistication and accurate finishing of the equipment. They are available in three functions and five functions. Few features of our offered Stryker beds which have been created with extensive input and feedback from nursing professionals to add efficiency and mobility to patient care practices. This bed, we are offering is ideal for healthcare facilities for medical/surgical purposes, and educational / training facilities.

Before hand over, to the clients, we take care of various features of the  Stryker ICU Beds Refurbished:-

•    Stripping:  motors, pc boards, casters, brake mechanism, head, and footboards

•    Frame Inspection: ensure the bed frame integrity to stand up under normal wear and tear

•    Sanitizing of the bed

•    Sanding: bed frame, side rails, motor panels

•    Painting: with an Epoxy formula for an original color taupe or light natural

•    Re-assembly of the bed with new parts or components may include side rails plastics & limit switches, casters, decals, mattress springs, head and footboards, rebuilt motors and brakes, new motor couplings, hospital grade electrical plugs, etc...

•    Inspection: Each bed is tested and inspected.  The electrical leakage test must produce results that are less than the recommended manufacturer specifications.

    Features of the refurbished Stryker powered ICU bed are

•    Dual tuck away side rails

•    Radiolucent fowler

•    Includes in bed scale and Bed exit alarm

•    Removable CPR headboard

•    5" locking casters with steer function

•    90degree back adjustment

•    Bed with battery back-up and zoom drive option