CO2 Insufflator

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  • 4.50

  • Digital Indication Of Set Pressure From 0-30mm Hg.
  • Digital Indication Of Intra Abdominal Pressure.
  • Digital Indication Of Set And Actual Flow From 1 To 30 Liters/Minnute.
  • Digital Indication Of Total Volume Consumed 0 To 99 Liters.
  • Pulsatile Flow Of Gas In Veress Mode.
  • Non-Pulsatile Flow Of Gas In Trocar Mode.
  • Auto Cut-Off And Restart On Abdominal Pressure Reaching Set Value.
  • Universal Regulator To Accept Any Size Of Co2 Cylinder.
  • In-Built Filter Of Curtail Pollutants From Cylinder Gas.
  • Safety Valve In Regulator Acting As An Auto Blow-Off For Excess Co2 Pressure In Cylinder.
  • Cylinder Gas Indicator In Console (empty/full)