Sinuscope Set

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Main Features

  • 4.50

  • 4mm/0 Deg
  • 4mm/30 Deg
  • 4mm/45 Deg
  • 4mm/70 Deg
  • Wide-angle 
  • Crystal Clear Image
  • 1 Year warranty


Sinuscope Set - Introduction

Healthcare Sector is one such sector in our country which is often under looked when the development of our country is being talked about. Although we are among the fastest developing economies in the world, the amount of money government is spending in the healthcare sector is quite low and the government is more dependent upon the private players in the field for the availability of proper medical equipment which can then be used for the welfare of the common public. In recent times knowing that there are good manufacturers and distributors of medical equipments in India, the government has increased the prices of foreign medical equipments by increasing taxes on them and thus facilitating and promoting the use of homemade medical equipments. The population of India is increasing drastically and providing good healthcare facilities to everyone in this country is a humongous task. There are various diseases in our country which are common among the masses and one such of them are the disease related to the nasal and sinus passages as most of the people are more prone of catching common cold which affects these organs. Diseases related to sinus and nasal passages requires long term treatment if one is not ready for surgery and wants to be treated by pills only. Thus in order to get reliable and, short term treatment is through surgery and most of the doctors suggest surgery over pills. Conventionally sinus surgeries were quite complex in nature but with the advancement in the technology and the availability of proper tools and equipments they are now quite common and most people understand the importance of surgery for sinus-related disorders. Sinus related disorders are treated with the help of a special tool popularly known as Sinuscope. Sinuscope is one such tool which is essential for sinus and nasal passages surgeries and for ENT specialist doctors as well. The use of sinuscopes are not only restricted to sinus surgeries as they find many other applications as well such as in facio-plastic surgeries. Sinuscope is basically an optical scope which has a high definition camera attached to it and thus it helps in getting the images of effects of sinus related disorders. The optical scope is designed with outstanding and most reliable fiber optics lens technology and thus allowing the doctor to get every possible update about the inspection area along with providing clear images of it. We at Genuine Medica are working very hard so that the medical sector can improve and everyone can avail the health benefits in this country. At the most affordable price we will provide you with the best sinuscopes as we are the Best Sinuscope Distributor in the entire country.