3 CCD Endoscopy camera high definition

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3 CCD camera high definition

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First of all, it is mandatory to know what is 3 CCD  endoscopy camera where it is needed, or what are the applications of this camera. Genuine medica is offering this camera in the industry at the most appropriate price in the nation. Here is the name of the instrument CCD stands for the charged coupled device which has basically sensors that have applications in digital cameras and video recorders to take the still and moving images. This device named CCD catches the light and transforms it into the digital data that is recorded by the camera or video recorder, and this is the main reason that the device is considered as the digital version of any film.it has most important necessity in the field of medical science. Although all the cameras in the market consist of CCD but camera consisting of 3 CCD are far better than the cameras which are having single CCD. In medical line it is applicable as 3 CCD Endoscopy high definition camera.

 As the name itself suggest, the device is used in the procedure of endoscopy under which doctors need the view of the internal part of body of some patient during the inspection. The camera has three sensors and provides most required view of internal organs as per the necessity of doctors.  The light in the camera after transmission from lens goes through a prism that is a dichroic assembly where this light splits into three paths where each path filtered one color and finally it passes through the sensors. These sensors accurately measure the colors and produce a better color image from the information with great precision in comparison with a single CCD camera. Apart from that single CCD cameras have Bayer filters that have the single color filter and the resulting picture always has low resolution. The color contamination can also be found in the images.

 Benefits of 3-CCD endoscopy Camera high Definition:

There are certain very effective advantages of 3 CCD Cameras over the other single camera. The reliability and flexibility of these cameras make them more trustworthy for the doctors specifically and genuine medica offers the device with best in class quality as we manufacture these cameras with c-mounts or t-mounts and that is also equipped with an adapter for the convenience of doctors. These cameras are designed for the specific use as it has applications in the various arenas so you can decide to purchase them by first having the requirement of it.

    Best or superior image quality

    Lowest noise

    Better spatial precision

    No overlapping or contamination of colors

    High dynamic range

    High resolution and great color fidelity

    Higher light-sensitive

    No loss of effective resolution due to interpolation

Application arena for the camera: the device is designed to use in multi arenas few of them are like

    Industrial color precision

    Like detection of smallest color contamination

    Decoloration of color shifts

    Medical technologies like endoscopy and microscopy

    Film, media and television industry

So, if you are linked with medical field or a doctor himself and searching for some firm to purchase this high definition Endoscopy camera in India, you must contact the Genuine medica who is making available the device at a reasonable price to the clients.