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Multi Parameter Monitor Manufacturer

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 Even though our country is growing at a very fast rate yet the medical care sector is still lagging behind. There are some places in our country where there are not even basic amenities such as the patient monitor are present in the hospitals and the clinics along with the places where there are no hospitals or clinics. With the aim of providing health and medical care facilities to every citizen of this country, Genuine Medica was established. The most important which is to be present in every hospital and a good clinic is a qualitative multi parameter patient monitor. The monitor consists of an LCD screen which displays a number of essential parameters such as SpO2, NIBP, and CO2. The monitor also provides multiple information regarding the condition of the patient. The monitor also provides reading such as heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, PaCO2 and invasive blood pressure and body temperature of the patient. The monitor also has an alarm which can be set for a specific value of a parameter and there will be an alert if any parameter goes beyond its set value. At the most affordable price, we will provide you with the Best monitor as we are the best multi parameter monitor manufacturer in the entire country. The machine provided by us will be resistant to the defibrillation effects and will have a user-friendly interface so that all the hospital owner and clinic owners get used to it easily. With the perfect dimensions, beautiful finishing advanced built-in features and a high cost to performance ratio the monitor provided by us will prove its worth.