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In a country like ours where there are a lot of people not availing the basic health benefits, there are people who are very working hard in order to provide health care facilities to every citizen of the country. With the dream of providing health care and medical facilities to everyone in this country, Genuine Medica was established and leading the bronchoscope manufacturer, supplier and distributor in Delhi. According to the reports published by major international organizations, our country has the largest number of people suffering from lungs related disorders. Doctors who are specialized in the treatment of lungs related disorders are known as Pulmonologist. The conventional surgeries associated with the treatment of the diseases related to the lungs were quite risky and had so much of complications. With the upbringing of technology in recent times, a new surgical technique called Bronchoscopy came into existence. Bronchoscopy is an endoscopic technique by which a doctor visualizes the inside of the airways for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Bronchoscopy is carried out with the help of an instrument or a device known as Bronchoscope. It can be of either flexible type or of rigid type and their use depends on the type of treatment in which they are to be used. Bronchoscope contains a long thin tube which is inserted into the airways through the nose or mouth and sometimes via tracheostomy too. One end of Bronchoscope contains the camera which is used to generate the video of the inside of the body for the doctor to take a look. We at Genuine Medica are the best bronchoscope manufacturer and distributor in the entire country offering our services at the most affordable price and the best quality product which separate us from the rest.

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