Gastro Video Scopes

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Gastro Video Scopes 

We are continuously innovating newer designs that are user friendly as well as efficientGastro Video Scopes - Colono Video Scope is our range of product which is really safe and easy in handling also. We offer a proper specifications about our products so that they may be used perfectly. Our Gastro Video Scopes - Colono Video Scopes can be seen at many medical labs of various big medical instituitions.

Super-high Resolution

VMEC series have adopted color charge coupled Device (CCD) with 440k pixels and high sensitivity for good quality images

Handy Operation


VMEC series have used the structure of chain pull for the Bending Section. The operator will not be easy to feel tired as a result of the flexible Control Section. 

Completely Water Proof

VME series can be immersed completely into detergent solution as disinfection and sterilization. Inspect any defects in time by the Leakage Tester, and protect the endoscope from damaging.