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  • 4.50

  • Displays of operating parameter set-points and actual performance data allow ready operator monitoring of unit operational status.
  • digital display pressure ratings.
  • Maintains uniform joint detention and clear visualization during arthroscopy surgery by balancing high outflow demand of powered instrumentation with accurately controlled inflow delivery making it an Ideal option to be used in Arthroscopy Fluid Management.
  • Irrigation pressure and flow rate electronically controlled.
  • Pre-selectable values for irrigation pressure are retained in memory while the unit is switched off.
  • State-of-the-art technology for easy operation and high patient safety.
  • Autoclavable tube set.
  • Auto Cut off, of the pump when set pressure equals actual pressure.
  • Easy loading of tube.
  • Machine can be also optionally controlled by a foot switch.

Technical Details:



                        0-1999 ML/HR

                        0-500 mm Hg

                        Digital Display

                        Fully Automatic

                        Peristaltic Movement Technology

                        Autoclavable Accessories