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PERSEO is a workstation for gas anaesthesia and can be used in adults, children, and newborns. It is suitable for the administration of nitrous oxide, isoflurane, oxygen, air, halothane, desflurane, enflurane, sevoflurane, Halocarbon 22.

The Genuine Medica anesthesia workstation is available in the following configurations: with 3 gases - 3 flow meters or 3 gases - 5 flow meters equipped with a ventilator with spirometry (VM2000 / S) or without spirometry (VM2000); with open heating or with open, semi-closed and closed heating, both with soda lime absorber circuit for manual/automatic ventilation.

Product Details: 

  • Product Code - GM03
  • Brand Name - Genuine Medica Pvt Ltd
  • Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Box
  • Price - 395000 INR
  • Price Range - 20000.00 - 2000000.00 INR

Anaesthesia Workstation

  • Pneumatically Driven Electronically Controlled
  • Three Gases - 02, N20, Air
  • Five Tube Rotameter With Hypoxic Guard

Body of Product:

  • M. S. Frame
  • Anti-Static Wheels With Locking
  • With Epoxy Coated Process
  • Pipeline Connection
  • Cylinder Connection For 02 Oxygen And 02 N20 Pneumatically Driven Electronically Controlled
  • Three Gases - N20, 02, Air
  • Five Tube Rotameter With Hypoxic Guard

Inbuilt Ventilator

  • Modes: Vcv, PCV, A/C, Standy, Manual
  • 5. 5" Colour TFT Screen
  • 50 milliliters - 1500 milliliters Tidal Volume
  • Electronic Peep
  • Selectatec Back Bar
  • Any One Vapourizer Of Your Choice: Halothane/Isofluran.E/Sevoflurane


  • With integrated design and excellent quality, every anaesthesia system is tailored to your needs.
  • Mechanical flow meter
  • Twin Selectatec assembly for pressure-specific evaporators and media-specific temperature
  • NIST inputs for leaded medical gases for O2, N2O, and standard air
  • Bistable system on/off switch for gases and power supply
  • Pull the desk
  • Pin yokes indicated for O2 and N2O
  • Common Gas Outlet (CGO)
  • O2 auxiliary output with serial flow meter
  • Changeover switch for easy change from open to the closed system
  • Suitable for applications of open, half-open and closed circuits.
  • Sockets for the operation of other medical devices.

We recognize the needs and needs of the anesthetist in the operating room and have taken it into account in the development of the new NeptunePLUS anaesthesia workstation manufacturer in New Delhi. The NeptunePLUS excels in performance and gives the anesthesiologist complete flexibility.

Patient Safety features:

  • The anti-hypoxic device ensures a minimum of 25% O at all times and cuts off the supply of N2 O when O2 fails
  • Audiovisual alarm for O2 errors
  • Pressure relief system at 125 cmH2O
  • O 2: flow rate of 35 to 70 l / min O 2

Circle System Absorber:

  • The bypass switch allows you to change the container during ventilation
  • Pocket / Fan Switch: Easily change from a fan to a pocket and vice versa
  • Integrated airway pressure gauge
  • Moisture drain valve
  • Quick lime soda vessel system (lever-actuated)
  • APL valve
  • Built-in oxygen monitor sensor connection
  • Excellent ergonomics with a swivel arm for breathing bag
  • The single/double vessel system
  • autoclavable
  • Heating circuit (optional)

Patient Monitoring (optional):

The Neptune range offers a variety of monitoring systems with optional advanced parameters such as AG, BIS, ICG, CO, 4x IBP, EEG, and paramagnetic O2

More Details of Anaesthesia Workstation:-

Cylinder Yokes: Color-coded specific gas yokes (pen-indexed) with sliding stainless steel clamp bars for easy handling. Holding O2 and N2O, 5-liter water tank bottles
Oxygen Discharge: Oxygen table-top emergency discharge switch to deliver 35-70 l / min for emergencies
O2 Fault Alert: Self-activating electro-pneumatic audiovisual warning device to indicate O2 pressure drop below 2.5 bar
Hypoxic Protector: Mixing device to provide the N2O so that at least 25% O2 is always added to the gas mixture
Basic Current with on/off Switch: Basic oxygen flow of 250 ± 50 ml as soon as the machine is switched on (optional)
Pipe Gas Inlets: Non-interchangeable threaded pipe inlets (NIST), one each for O2, N2O, and Air. At line gas pressure automatically take pen index cylinder
Pressure Gauges: Color-coded meters with large diameters in the right angle for better visibility and clarity. One for each of the pin-indexed yokes and one corresponding to the inlet of the line-bound gas

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